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Saturday November 27th 2021
! 🙂

i still love to dress up even though i am 30! there is something so sexy about wearing my little grey tights with my little white used panties underneath! hehe

i can cum so hard that i dont just soak my dirty knickers, but i also make my worn tights very wet as well.

as well as my dirty panties for sale i also have dirty pantyhose and old worn tights for sale.

lots of people ask me to pee my old panties and i love the naughty feeling as my warm piss fills my wet knickers and drips through my worn tights and down my legs.

it is then so nice when my best friend pulls my dirty pantyhose down and licks my wet pussy. she is so good at making me cum as she begs me to piss in her mouth.

i have been a UK used panty seller for 9 years.

everyone who buys my used panties comes back for more and more.

i can send you a pair of my best friends dirty panties as well as my filthy knickers so that you can sniff and taste both of us.

we can wear our old smelly knickers as we make you a 1 hour custom DVD and then send you the exact dirty panties which you see us play and cum into in your video.

to get the very best from my smelly panties you should tell me to play, cum and then stuff them inside my wet pussy all night as i sleep. that way you will get my smells and juices perfectly soaked into my dirty panties.

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x x jemma
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